Agafay Luxury Dining Experience: 64,00€ / person


This immersive dining experience in the middle of the desert immensity will give you a real chance to explore the fascinating landscapes of Agafay Desert and to enjoy a moment of calm and serenity.

Request a table under the vast starry sky of this charming stony desert, or have a site under the luxury Berber tents and appreciate every minute’s detail of your desert experience: absolute calm, panoramic landscapes and a truly original atmosphere.

The interior design and the decoration of the luxury camp are just sublime, you will be amazed by the traditional handmade tables and chairs, the stunning red carpets, elegant lanterns and multicolor Berber cushions…

Upon your arrival, enjoy a juice cocktail around the beautiful swimming-pool and admire one of the most attractive sunsets with breathtaking views over the desert and Atlas Mountains.

A spectacular selection of Top Moroccan dishes will be served to your table to make your desert dinning experience more exceptional.

The luxury camp offers also a wide range of desert experiences, like quad biking adventures and camel ride tours in order to offer unforgettable moments to each visitor.


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